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Tracey Pearson-Heaney LLC

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Mood Disorders

Depression Counseling & Mood Disorder Support

Countless men, women, and children across the country suffer, often silently, with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. I provide counseling for patients suffering from mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and even PTSD. I use a particular technique known as EMDR for patients who have experienced trauma, such as sexual assault, domestic violence, and other experiences.

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If you experience sadness for more than two weeks, crying spells for seemingly no reason, or other symptoms like low energy, poor concentration, insomnia, or panic attacks, I may be able to help you. Contact me to learn more about anxiety and depression counseling. If you do have a mood disorder, things can get much worse the longer you wait, and it never hurts to discuss your problems with a counselor. I will help you figure out why you feel what you are and how you can improve it.

Common reasons for depression, anxiety, and other difficulties include deaths of people or pets close to you, significant moves, and many other traumas. Counseling is suitable for almost everybody at some point in their lives.